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By Hamid Ismailov

ISBN-10: 1909156302

ISBN-13: 9781909156302

ISBN-10: 1909156337

ISBN-13: 9781909156333

A Poet and Bin-Laden is a unique set in significant Asia on the flip of the twenty first century opposed to a swirling backdrop of Islamic fundamentalism within the Ferghana Valley and beyond.

The tale starts off at the eve of 9-11, with the narrator’s haunting description of the aircraft assault at the dual Towers as obvious on television whereas he's on vacation in significant Asia. next chapters shift back and forth in time, yet major topics emerge: the increase of the Islamic stream of Uzbekistan below the charismatic yet reclusive management of Tahir Yuldash and Juma Namangani; and the most personality, poet Belgi’s circulate from the periphery of the circle, from the mountains of Osh, into the interior sanctum of al-Qaeda, and finally to a gathering with Sheikh bin weighted down himself.

His trip starts with a look for a Sufi religious grasp and results in guerrilla struggle, and it really is this rigidity among a transcendental and a violent reaction to oppression, among the publication and the bomb, that offers the radical its particular poignancy. alongside the way in which, Ismailov presents splendidly bright debts of old occasions (as witnessed via Belgi) corresponding to the siege of Kunduz, the breakout from Shebergan criminal – one of those Afghan Guantanamo – and the insurgency within the Ferghana Valley.


This title has been realised by a team of the following dedicated professionals:

Translated from Russian through Andrew Bromfield,

Poems translated through Richard MacKane,

Edited by means of Camilla Stein,

Maxim Hodak - Максим Ходак (Publisher), 

Max Mendor - Макс Мендор (Director), 

Yana Kovalskaya.

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